Emailing authors in class – a JN4403 module task

The class had great fun with this one!

We had the choice of emailing two different authors, one informing him that his book wouldn’t be published in paperback despite his wishes and the other one replying as to why a copy of his book wasn’t available in his local Waterstones. Tom Mason wanted a range of responses, from dismissive, to firm, to placating, and anything else we could think up. We teamed up in pairs and emailed Aaron Edwards and Thomas Hennessey.


Here’s the email written with Lizzie. We kept ours simple, but other sample emails were hilariously placating or gleefully offensive.

From: ecarron1
Date: 1 Oct 2015 12:12
Subject: Re: no copies of your book in Waterstones in Canterbury
To: thomas.hennessey

> Dear Thomas,
> Good news first: your book is coming out in paperback next spring and we think the paperback price will get more copies of your book in bookshops.
> Unfortunately, we have no control over what Waterstones stocks. You can try getting friends to ask for your book in-store as Waterstones are more likely to respond to specific enquiries.
> Here’s the phone number and email for the local MUP sales rep who also might be able to help you with this issue.
> 01713 89162
> Kind regards,
> Elsa

We’ll be getting feedback next week straight from the authors, so check back to see how the class did as aspiring commissioning editors!


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