Building a list around a theme – A JN4403 module task

For this week’s task we were given a theme (the Rise of the Far Right) around which we had to build a list.

The main questions to ask ourselves were: how to identify books and authors in that area? What are the gaps in the market?

I decided to look at social media trends that could involve the Far Right. I wanted to find far right politicians that are often on the receiving end of memes or humorous tweets.

Who might be key players? And in what countries?

  • Donald Trump (US)
  • Nigel Farage (UK)
  • Jean-Marie Le Pen et Marine Le Pen (France)

–> 3 potential geographies/territories

Where could I look for potential sources?

Books that use a short format or social media and have humourous content:

I think a similar book on the theme political science and explained through social media, e.g. the Rise of the Far Right in 140 characters – could do well as one of those small books you buy by the till. Especially if authors from the above titles did collabs.


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