Module recap: semester one


I learned the difference between commissioning editors and copy editors.

I learned to consider the business and financial side of books and thinking in terms of the viability of a title. Once you’ve published a title you still have to make decisions about keeping it in print, reprinting it or putting it out of print.

It’s important to set terms when negotiating, whether when negotiating sales terms with a buyer or signing on an author.

I realised that being able to navigate Excel is important and I should get better at Excel (got my MOS 2013 Excel Core certificate 2 months later).

Nothing says book publishing like AI sheets.

It’s important to keep abreast of industry news and changes such as Demand Driven Acquisition, Open Access, and the REF framework. Things like the REF or changes in the national curriculum can have a big impact on academic publishing.

Always do your market research. Always.

It’s hard to balance between a publisher’s bottom line and furthering ultra niche academic subjects.

Copyediting is all about attention to detail and being consistent.


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