Working with type

This week in our design module: learning all about type.

First things first, white space is important. Don’t be afraid to use it.

We spent some time looking at type and identifying what it evoked for us. Type can have different uses. Type doesn’t always need to shout , it can become an image, or you can put images in type. Type can be part of an object. The same font can be used in many different ways and send different messages.

week 3 type

We then moved on to type terminology (for a visual glossary see Typography Deconstructed), looking at serif and sans serif fonts, at leading, weigh, kerning, tracking; and page layout terminology, measure, folio, gutter …

All words that are going in my glossary.

It’s just as important to check font licenses as it is for images, making sure whether you can use it commercially or only for personal use.

Words of wisdom this week:

type should compliment or contrast the illustration

don’t have to show the whole word to be able to read it

for kid’s books it’s better to get an infant font, one where the gs don’t have a double story

Also don’t put your text in the gutter. Just don’t.

Link of the week:


The book on typography. And beautifully typeset in a web-based design. It’s free, but I loved it so much I “bought” a copy for $5.

Butterwick explains all the rules (the amount of characters per line, the font size, etc.) so much better than I can, so check it out!

Image by Chris Plasclk on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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