#SYP2020: Intellectual Property.

A great post on the Intellectual Property session at #SYP2020. It was a real eye-opener about IP rights for me. So glad I went to it and chuffed to see my tweet quoted at the bottom of the post.

Check out SYP Scotland’s other posts of the day’s sessions, including Upcoming Publishing Models, Design in Discussion, the CV Workshop (some essential tips!), How to Pitch, and the Coding Workshop.

If you’re interested in coding, the Coding Workshop post has some great advice on how to get started with coding and when you’re done with that go google and check out any articles by Emma Barnes from Bibliocloud.

Featured image via SYP Scotland

SYP Scotland

SYP2020 Intellectual Property Session.pngIntellectual property is a tricky business in publishing, and 2020: A Publishing Odyssey looked to demystify the legal world by having representatives from both sides on hand: Mark Cruikshank of legal firm Brodies LLP, and Hugh Andrew of Birlinn.

“Intellectual property is at the bedrock of what all publishers do.”
“Intellectual property is at the bedrock of what all publishers do,” says Mark. It protects the way in which creations are expressed; they are an incentive to create. It’s an initiative-based industry.

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