Thinking of color

Tip of the day: with images from different sources, give them the same color filter to make them look like part of a set.

And on that note, to easily do that with Adobe:

  • change your image’s colour mode to Grayscale in Photoshop
  • place the image in Indesign
  • click on the Direct Selection Tool
  • select a color from the swatches palette and it’ll apply it to your image

Becky showed us a really cool way she applied this for a school’s souvenir booklet:

You can also do this with bitmapping. Which is one of the two techniques you can use when creating endpapers.

You can check if all your images are the right color space, dpi, etc., by looking at the summary when packaging your document in Indesign (File > Package). Also can also check to see if your fonts are in the right color space in the swatches panel.


Image by Natalie Garrett under (CC BY 2.0)




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