Marketing design

Marketing design: look at everything, not just books. 

Can be creative and use all sorts of materials.

w10 fish.PNG

branding guidelines

It’s important to respect branding guidelines when it comes to designing marketing materials. Companies might have certain fonts, color palettes and logos rules they want you to use that you need to carefully follow.

Color palettes can be supplied in .ase files – which contains color palettes that you can import into Indesign or Photoshop.

We had to design our own marketing material, which we got feedback on the following week.  These are the titles we had to design an ad for:

w10 ads

Important points to keep in mind when designing stuff like this in the future:

  •  “available from” is the call to action and so should be big
  • have the cover nice and big and visible
  • nothing below 6pt
  • use 8 or 9 pt for the main blurb
  • think carefully about the hierarchy of elements

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