Cover designs for M. R. James’ ghost stories

For our Digital Publishing module, we’re creating an ebook for M. R. James’ ghost stories, which are out of copyright.

I designed two covers, playing around with the Blending Options, colors and textures in Photoshop to make them look different. I went with 2400 x 1600 px for the cover size, which Melody Simmons recommends as the minimum dimensions for most major sites.

I used the following (which can all be used for personal use but not commercially):

  • The image is King of Thorns by s4ffr0n on DeviantArt (licensed under(CC BY-NC 4.0)
  • The font used in the title is Nightbird
  • I used a different texture in each version from this Grungy Textures pack by env1ro
  • Fonts used for the author’s name are Arial Nova Condensed Bold and AR Julian Regular that came with Adobe Photoshop

And here are my first attempts at creating the cover:

Concrit is always useful, so feel free to comment. 🙂


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