Module recap: semester two

If I thought the first semester had gone fast, the second semester went by even faster.

I increased my publishing vocabulary (glossary).

Found out more about typography and designers.

Analysed 15 books and 2 designers.

Created my own cover for Just So Stories
and typeset the first 10 pages. 

Typeset part of a children’s book. Woah, that layout was a killer to do.



It was intense, but I want MORE.

The assignments really gave me the chance to put into practice what was taught on the module and provided invaluable experience. I liked being able to come up with my own design, go through trial and error, figure out little things using clipping masks in Illustrator. It was great to be able to get Becky Chilcott’s feedback on different design ideas, whether that was for another module (the children’s book cover) or on weekly tasks.

I’m really pleased with everything I’ve learned on this module and can’t wait to practice, practice, practice, practice some more, and, who knows? maybe get paid for it one day.


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