Industry News

Websites where you can keep abreast of industry news and see what innovations and challenges are in store for the publishing industry.

The Bookseller is the no 1 stop for book trade news.

FutureBook, run by The Bookseller, it has the latest news & views on digital publishing and regularly runs webinars that are free to sign up to.

Publishers Weekly is a weekly news magazine focused on the international book publishing business.

The Digital Reader is a tech blog focused on ebooks and digital reading which also covers general tech news.

Shelf Awareness Pro is a newsletter that provides booksellers, librarians, etc. with the information they need,  including news about the business, tips on how to sell, titles that are trending, movie tie-ins, etc.

Digital Book World is all about the ebook and digital publishing news.

The Next Web is a technology focused media company that manages several initiatives focused on international technology news, business and culture.  Good to keep your eye on for technologies that might disrupt the publishing industry in the future.

The Goodereader provides news on e-readers and related content.