There are some great courses out there to help you gain the skills you need to get into the publishing industry.

Consider how you like to learn and what skills you already have and what skills you want to gain and see which training option you like best.

Think about what department you want to go into and if you have a preference for a certain subject – a degree only in Design or a degree that covers multiple subjects (Marketing, Production, Business, etc.) might be more suited for you depending on your tastes and inclinations.

In the UK, there are undergrad and postgrad courses in Publishing, some are accredited by Creative Skillset and some aren’t.

The University of Central Lancashire, Oxford Brookes, Kingston, and Edinburgh Napier currently have MAs/MScs accredited by Creative Skillset.

More publishing programs around the world.

Other options include:

The Publishing Training Centre – a range of short courses and self-study ones, from strategy and list building to marketing.

The SfeP – The Society for Editors and Proofreaders –  to acquire copyediting and proofreading skills. Especially good if you want to freelance.

Some of the big publishing companies also advertise traineeships, so keep an eye out for them.