Interview tips from HarperCollins’ Sam Missingham

Interview tips from Sam Missingham and other contributors on Twitter: Don’t be late. Be yourself. Smile and maintain eye contact. Do your research. Know their products/titles/ethos. Interviewers are not trying to trip you up. Don’t lie about what you’ve read. ASK questions. Intelligent, informed questions which themselves demonstrate having done homework. Show off your skills…

CV tips from Becky Chilcott

CV tips from Becky Chilcott No typos. Say where you saw the advert. Say how you can meet the requirements with examples. Research is key. 70% is how well you fit into the job. Get business cards to match with your CV. Make your covering letter and the CV the same style.

CV and covering letter tips from HarperCollins’ Sam Missingham

Missed Sam Missingham‘s tips on covering letters and CVs? Catch up here! She tweeted some great advice about #CVLetterTips. Here are some of her top tips: SPELL CHECK, do your research on the company, tailor your covering letter to the job advert and mention the company’s achievements at least twice, say what’s unique about you…

Internships at Creative Access

If you’re a UK national and from a BME background, there are great opportunities for (paid!) internships at Creative Access.