People to Follow

By following the people and organisations below, you’ll learn more about the industry, get insights into publishing, be informed of networking opportunities, and see what kind of jobs are going.

Society of Young Publishers: SYP UK (Twitter or website), SYP Oxford (Twitter), SYP North and Midlands (Twitter or WordPress), SYP Scotland (Twitter or WordPress), SYP Éire (Twitter or Facebook). They have great opportunities to meet like-minded people.

Publishing Interns , internships, jobs, tips and tricks for all those wanting to get into publishing. All posts by @emmastokesss (WordPress). (Twitter or website), can offer you personal and professional guidance with all aspects of your book industry career. They’re a fantastic resource.

The Bookmachine (Twitter or website), is a publishing community that runs events and posts news and interviews.

FutureBook (Twitter), showcases trends, people,and businesses that are shaping the future of publishing

Maria Vassilopoulos (Twitter or WordPress), works for the Bookseller and is doing a PhD on Publishing History at UCL

Alastair Horne (Twitter or WordPress), works in digital publishing for a leading university press

Jose Afonso Furtado (Twitter), Former Art Library Director at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Emma Barnes, from Snowbooks and Bibliocloud, is a great resource to learn more about coding and programming and how to apply it to the publishing industry

Sam Missingham (Twitter), Head of Audience Development at HarperCollins,  runs great marketing events, including a really successful virtual romance festival

helloiammariam (Twitter), Marketing and PR intern at HaperCollins, who hosts great discussions about books and feminism #feminisminya

Seonaid MacLeod (Twitter), Campaigns Manager at The Publishers Association

Heather McDaid (Twitter), from SYP Scotland

Sophie O’Rourke (Twitter), from @emcdesignltd, interested in UX, IoT & how digital is impacting education

Kathryn Morrell (Twitter), from Creative Services Manager at EMC Design

Hermione Ireland (Twitter) from @bytethebook

Zoe Sharples (Twitter), UCL MA Publishing, writes for SYP Inprint, intern at Bibliocloud

TikDalton (Twitter), graduate of the Oxford Brookes Publishing course, publisher at Snowbooks

Stephanie Cox (Twitter), co-chair of SYP North, interviewer from Book Machine, and editorial assistant at Award Publications Ltd


In France, there’s the Société des Jeunes Éditeurs (website or Twitter).

In Switzerland, Viceversa Littérature (website or Twitter) and Littérature Suisse (website or Twitter) are great resources to follow literature news, and Viceversa has a page with a list of Swiss trade publishers.

L’Institut suisse Jeunesse et Médias (ISJM) promotes reading in young age groups.

Association Suisse des Diffuseurs, Editeurs et Libraires (ASDEL) the Swiss French association of publishers, book distributors and booksellers (LBF stand).

Schweizer Buchhändler- und Verleger-Verband (SBVV), the Swiss German association of booksellers, publishers and distributors. 210 of its 480 members are publishing houses (LBF stand, see bottom of the page for links to other Swiss publishers).

Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes (PPUR) and EPLF Press, its English language imprint. The aim of PPUR is to provide the services of an academic publisher with international reach.


Hashtags of conferences and events that you can scroll through and see what has been discussed #acbookweek, #UPRedux, #SYP2020, #WhyDesign, #sypagm16, #Futurebook15#WorkInPublishing, #sypconf15, #Insightintopublishing, #AcBookSouth, #SYP2020, #workinginpublishing, #bytethebook, #bookinsights2016


Other useful links:

International Publishers Association (IPA)

Young to Publishing (USA’s SYP)

Association of American Publishers (AAP)

Find more links on the Booksellers Association Useful Links



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